The Howling Commandos Files - Italy, 1943

collected by the SSR and preserved in the memoir “The War Was In Color,” coming soon

"Damnit, Bucky! These are official!"

"Then you’re officially a jerk."


"So, what’s so special about you?"

"Nothing. I’m just a kid from Brooklyn.’”




I thought you were more than just a shield.
Let’s see.

gabe and jacques teaching the other commandos, and possibly falsworth although the other two make fun of him a little for his English-public-school French that’s immaculately grammatically correct but conversationally stilted.

See I always imagined that Peggy started teaching him and Dernier and Gabe found out later and started “helping” and then after he woke up he kept working on his language skills, because that was one of the few things his friends had given him that he could still hang on to.

"In war, there are no unwounded soldiers." — José Narosky


The game. It`s from May 1941. I know, `cause I was there.

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obviously it wasn’t Agent Coulson he would NEVER make a mistake like that WHERE THE FUCK WAS HE FOR THIS he really let Steve down here couldn’t even help SHIELD break the news to him slowly smh 

still love you Son of Coul

“The idea is that Natasha can blend in anywhere as long as she doesn’t drive it like she owns it. She can just throw on a cap. I found that in my real life actually just going to any public place crowded with thousands of people if I just kind of go with the flow, I can remain relatively under the radar. People just look because they’re expecting something; they’re expecting to see Captain America and Black Widow in their whole getup. They’re expecting to see Chris Evans and me in our movie-star look or whatever that is. But if you’re dressed like everybody else and with that same casual attitude, you can blend right in, and that’s what Natasha is teaching Cap as they make their way around the mall. She has that line, “If you’re on the run, walk, don’t run,” and that’s the idea. They can just kind of breeze through and get what they need and get out of there.”

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#natasha teaching cap things! #not because cap is naive (ugh) or out of his time #but because cap was always a soldier and natasha never was #because natasha is a spy a hall of mirrors a living regime changer and cap was trained as a regime fighter #aka a soldier #natasha teaching steve things because steve is moving out of the realm of soldierhood as he learns more and more about what america is #and more and more into natasha’s field of influence and skills #as he moves more and more into the sphere of working on different kinds of frontlines #:))))))))))))))))))


I actually loved this moment, because I didn’t see this as Steve being incompetent and completely unaware of what was going on. This, I felt, was Steve being extremely sassy. “It seems to run on some form of electricity,” he says, with a huff of a sigh and a smile. What he means is, “Of fucking course I don’t know what this shit means, I’ve never been exposed to this, are you serious right now” and that is not because he’s stupid or inept. Actually, Steve adapts very, very well and very quickly to new technology, evidenced in the Avengers with the ease and familiarity that he navigates his tablet with, but also in Captain America, where he takes everything Howard gives him (modified, highly advanced Hydra weapons) and uses them to full capacity. 

It’s just that Steve’s never seen the inside of a control panel like this, so there’s no way in hell he’d know what to do with it, and he’s pointing that out to Tony with his dry sense of humor. And I think Tony gets it, because he doesn’t get angry or snark back at him; he returns with “Well, you’re not wrong” and a lopsided smile, which I read as his “duh, what was I thinking” moment.

I just have a lot of feelings about Steve and his sass and his dry sense of humor, and now I will crawl away to have feelings elsewhere.