Hand Made Alarms [NSFW Spideypool]


((Mandy asked for it with this art and thus she receives. Also because Rachel made me do it for more nsfw cute art! xD))

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“This will work.” The footing was difficult, but if there was one thing Deadpool could pull off it was the impossible.

[This is not going to work.] Ignoring his condescending white thought box, he continued the steep climb.

<It’s fool-proof.> And here was his supportive yellow thought box to the rescue.

[Not good enough, it needs to be Bob-proof to work.]

<Now you’re just asking for a miracle.>

[No, I’m asking for us to use some common sense for once.]

<What’s that taste like?>

“Like the sound of people drowning, Carl.”

<Do you kiss your mouth with that mother?>

[Too many youtube references, we’re losing the audience here.]

“Maybe,” Wade muttered as he club to the side of the high security tower. “If you two shut up and let me concentrate.”

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July 29 | 8:13 | 254♥ | arrafrost


Spidey using his infamous crotch move to disarm Deadpool. Although I think we all know who really won in this situation.

Just seeing if I still know how to Prisma because my tablet cord might not get here for 3 more days! ; ~;

July 18 | 9:32 | 13026♥ | -lazarus

That one time Spider-Man and Loki ate hot dogs together while discussing the fate of the world. (Amazing Spider-Man #504 (2004))


I bet Spiderman left New York City for a day trip and when he came back, he saw the catastrophic aftermath of The Avengers and he was like